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Relative Circumstances Introduction

Tax Prepayment

We can assist clients to apply for corporate income tax refunds for taxes that were overpaid during the final settlement period.

Advanced Technology Service Enterprises (ATSE) Incentives

Once an enterprise has been certified as a high and new technology enterprise or advanced technology service enterprise, the enterprise will be entitled to a reduced corporate income tax rate of 15%. If the enterprise had previously paid corporate income tax at 25%, it is be entitled to a 10% tax refund.

Other Cases

We can assist with the analysis of other corporate income tax deduction and refund situations.

Our Focus

Business Scope

If an enterprise applies for a corporate income tax refund (for example, as a new and high technology or advanced technology service enterprise), the enterprise's scope of business will directly affect the outcome of the application. That is to say, if the business scope cannot support the actual business, then it will be difficult to apply for the tax refund or deduction successfully in some situations.

Preparation of Materials

An accurate and comprehensive submission of the required application materials, including the income and tax ratio data, is essential for an enterprise's application. With our years of hands-on experience with the process, we can ensure that our enterprise clients' applications proceed more smoothly and easily.

Complicated Procedures

China tax requirements can be quite complex, and the enterprise will need to take into account difficult and unfamiliar policies and procedures. We can assist to ensure that all relevant requirements are met, leading to a successful application.

Our Solutions

Preparation Stage Services

Feasibility Assessment

Before the application process is begun, we will conduct a feasibility assessment to confirm that the enterprise conforms to tax refund policy requirements for certification as an advanced technology service enterprise and/or a high and new technology enterprise, and to confirm the level of risk of tax inspection that the enterprise may face during the application period.

Policy Analysis

We will perform a detailed analysis on the enterprise and current tax incentive policy, laws, and regulations and will present our findings to ensure that clients are completely satisfied whether their business conforms to policy requirements, which will streamline the decision-making process.

Execution of Control Table

We will create a project schedule that allows convenient and efficient tracking of the project process and milestone achievement. This common resource increases mutual understanding and keeps our clients on the same page as RTF's team members at all times.

Mid-Stage Implementation Services

List of Required Documents

After a thorough analysis of the tax refund factors at work and the enterprise's tax payment status, we will develop the required materials and guide clients to prepare the basic information and financial data.

Preparation of Application Materials

After our thorough analysis of the enterprise's basic information and financial data, we will conduct a secondary compliance check and organize the tax refund application letter and supporting documents. The application will then need to pass the review of four to six tax collectors from different government departments and tax authority levels.

Continuous Tracking and Report

The application for tax refund can be quite complex and drawn out, but we arrange weekly status updates for enterprises so that our clients clearly know how their applications are progressing.

Later Services

Tax Refund Summary

We provide a final report on the refund status after the completion of the application. Typically enterprises will receive the tax refund before June 30 or December 31.

Check for Overpayment of Tax

We assist enterprises to check to ensure that other taxes excluding CIT were not overpaid and to conduct tax planning for going forward.

Our Service Advantages

Overall Planning

Through efficient and professional planning, we can help foreign investment enterprises to quickly realize their financial and tax optimization objectives at a lower cost, while reducing their potential risk.

Risk Control

We analyze enterprises' current situations and develop the best solution with respect to relevant requirements. We avoid risks in the early compliance procedure so that the application can proceed smoothly.

Post-Service Payment Guarantee

We bill after we have provided our services. We find that this helps to control costs for clients in the earlier stages of projects, and it is our guarantee of service quality to our clients. In this way, our clients are not billed excessive amounts before their problems are completely resolved.


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